Internal Work on Edmundston

Some work was done on the interior of ex VIA Rail car Edmundston recently. Now that the exterior has been secured, and the ceiling work is underway, we are cleaning up the trim and walls inside. Director Terry Johnson shared some observations from the work session.

The internal “wood” in the car was vinyl sheets glued to the steel bulkheads. We are replacing / refreshing that with MacTac.

The bulkhead at the A end of the car has been stripped and cleaned up, along with part of the washroom wall. The washroom door is currently partly undone.

The garbage bin in the A end cupboard/washroom and hand soap dispenser have been temporarily removed. They were secured with massive screws that came through the bulkhead!

The trim at the A end was taken off and the backing bar screws replaced because it was loose. That should be one less rattle on the car!

Terry unbolted the doors around the water cooler so those can be worked on more easily, and stripped the stretcher closet door.

Oddly, whoever put the fabric above the door frames used contact adhesive there – unlike the water soluble stuff used elsewhere – in the spot that was least likely to get wet.

The “NO SMOKING” sign is riveted on and also cracked, so we will probably need a new one. 

We will need strips of stainless steel to make kickplates to protect the bottom of all the door surfaces at both ends sooner rather than later. 

Thanks for your hard work, Terry!

If you’d like to help restore Edmundston or any other car in our collection, please contact us!

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