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Help us save VIA FP9A locomotive #6539!

VIA Rail
Historical Association

Preserving the history of VIA Rail Canada

Conserving History Together

Saving VIA FP9A Locomotive 6539!

We restore and maintain railway equipment representative of the history of VIA Rail Canada since 1976. Help us save locomotive VIA #6539!

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Here’s what we’re working on at the moment…

Restore 6133

We’re working to restore RDC 6133s interior to its appearance in the early 1980s with dark woodgrain finishes, and to rectify water damage to the accessible washroom end of the car.

Raised: $10,000
Goal: $50,000

Edmundston HEP Project

E-series sleeper Edmundston needs updating to electric heat and head end power to be ready to run on the main line again.

Raised: $20,000
Goal: $100,000

Restore 6215

RDC-2 6215 will require deep-cleaning and minor repairs to return it to operating condition.

Raised: $2,500
Goal: $50,000

Repaint the LRC

We’ve already got one of only two surviving LRC locomotives running. Now 6917 needs a professional coat of railway-grade paint and radiator repairs to be ready for the public to enjoy.

Raised: $20,000
Goal: $100,000

Keep history moving

We work to ensure that everyone has the opportunity of experiencing Canada’s railway history in action. Your contribution helps us ensure the active preservation of railway equipment that has served communities from coast to coast.


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The Difficulties of Preserving Old Railway Equipment

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